As an energy healer, I help my clients release unpleasant energy that is trapped inside their bodies.


I help to change the subconscious mind by creating a new pathway.


Old blueprints are removed and replaced by new ones.


False beliefs are replaced by what is real during this powerful process.

Are you ready for a new blueprint?

My name is Fanny Magier and I am an energy healer and intuitive coach.
Stress is the number one visit to the doctor. We know now that stress creates cancer, tumor, and the majority of illnesses.

How did I get into energy healing? I am an intuitive person, I can feel the energy of people and I was always searching for a meaning of life. As a spiritual person, I was always searching whatever could connect to my soul. Always trying to be a part of something, a community, and always searching for learning about who we are. I believe for a very long time that we are energy and we can heal ourselves.
Then I went into the world of quantum energy work with Joshua Bloom and I loved it. I had a very rapid transformation.

I offered what I had learned to a resident who lived in a recovery program (for addicts) and because it changed his life, I was able to introduce my healing to others. It has been over 6 years. Since my first initial healing. 
People make my day when they say I change their life, I save their life.
I also learned Eden energy medicine who teaches how to use all the energy systems in our body. Which really helps for the physical pain and releases toxins and strengthens the immune system.

That is my passion, helping people to feel better.

I am eager to continue to help transform more people's lives. 

We know that EVERYTHING is energy; traumas, the body, our thoughts, feelings, is all energy...

By changing our energy we are able to transform ourselves.

How would you feel having less anxiety and stress in your life?

Is fear holding you back from reaching your goals?

Do you want to feel centered,  present, focused, confident, and remove blocks?

Are you ready to transform?

Are you ready to have abundance in your life?


All of this is possible with only one session. Book a session with me and watch your life transform.