"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was stuck in my head with negative thoughts.

I had no idea who I was.

It helps me to get to know myself.

I am in tune with my needs.

I let go…

I feel empowered.   -  Allison

I am now more a generous human being. It shows me how to love myself.   - Dustin

It restored my soul.

It helps to clear my mind, to be present, to put the past behind and not worry about the future.

It helps me to live in gratitude, to no longer feeling entitled, and to be grounded.  

It helps me control my life long disease with drugs and gambling,

I learn how to open my heart, fill myself with love, release negative feelings, and to be of service to others.   - Jason

I usually have trouble focussing and relaxing due to A.D.H.D. Since starting the classe with Fanny, I've been able to use her breathing and visualization technique to help relieve anxiety and increase concentration.

 - Jenny 

It slows down my thinking and makes me aware of my feelings

I feel more relaxed.

I quit smoking.

I love myself.

I allowed myself to be loved.

I am comfortable in my own 


No need for external resources 

anymore (I have what I need

 inside of me.         - Dan

Quantum Healing has helped me to relax, relieve stress, being focus, get my blood flowing, appreciate and love myself.       - Jordan

It changes the way I get up in the morning!

I am more centered and more focused.

I think clearer.

It helps my nerve pain.

I learn to love myself.

It Gives me confidence.

I have an open minded now.

I am feeling more in my body.

I am more pro-active with my mind. My body and soul are connected.         - Calvin


Your wisdom has aided me greatly along my path to health, happiness and love.                                                                                                               - Carlton

"Every Cell is made up of two invisible ingredients: awareness and energy, so let us awaken the cells"  

Dr. Deepak Chopra